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    Sharpening Motion

    Marco N. Level 1
      One of the most pesky thing in ACR is the image preview not sharpened at zoom level less than 100%. Sometimes the problem is so boring that I seem have not dressed my glasses and I find hard even setting the tone controls in the adjust tab.

      The lack of sharpening in presentation view (command L) make this feature not usable for presentation intents.

      I agree that set up the sharpening at zoom level below 100% is wrong but I see that all editing and viewing images tools, Photoshop included, apply always the sharpening regardless of level zoom and I prefer largely these image representation.

      Again I seem to see that some LCD emphasise the sharpening sensation at zoom level below 100% (some LCD high end monitor permit the sharpening setting in their OSD?)

      I press to implement an option for apply sharpening at every level of zoom and a calibration tool for tweak this degree of sharpening adapting the amount to every monitor. If the problem is the danger of detail tab sliders setup at low zoom I prefer that the detail tab zooms automatically the preview window at 100% and a navigation window like in PS below the sliders, but I think that an advertise window popup is enough.

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          Marco N. Level 1
          I stay very surprise seeing this disinterest in the request.

          Maybe the problem is only mine. Have someone an explanation to this?

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            Thomas Knoll Level 2
            Explanation of why Camera Raw does this:

            You know how long it takes Camera Raw to open an image at full resolution into Photoshop? Several seconds usually. To preview the effects of sharpening and noise reduction at "fit in view" size in Camera Raw would require spending this same time after every slider movement, since the only way to do that is to compute every pixel at full resolution and then downsize the results.

            Do you really want it to take several seconds to update the screen every time you move the temperature slider?
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              Marco N. Level 1
              Thanks Thomas for your answer. I hope this thread could be constructive as well as instructive.

              If other programs like Canon DPP make this stuff, a way should exist.

              Yes, I know the time took but (I think at a way to move around the problem) this time is in relationship with the demosaic algorithm used. For instance, your private takes many times more then linear algorithm and not always the benefits are visible. Camera Raw and even better Bridge, are also used for image presentation at zoom less then 100%, in this moment using a light or an heavy algorithm doesn't change too much, an implementation of a sharpening strategy, instead, are more more visible and IMHO it is fundamental. Only the lens box has to use your algorithm in this moment.

              No, I won't wait several second every time I move a slider but, if the double algorithm way is a stupidity, I prefer a button like "show highlight/shadow clipping" to check before opening the image in PS rather than open the image in PS, see that the image is different as I expect, return in Bridge and reload the image.


              PS: a navigate window below sliders is a bad idea?
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                Marco N. Level 1
                Last Bridge update satisfies half of my motion and, regardless of some little glitches, the images have had a big improvement and the raw files and the rendered jpeg from them are nearly (raw are only a little less sharpened).
                Thank you Adobe!
                And I'm happy that the highlighted problem was not only my fantasy.

                Now I hope in the last half part for the future.