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    Can't Save or use Done in ACR4 - PC

    Dinarius Level 1


      I have just edited twenty odd images which were opened in ACR4 via Bridge.

      I choose Select All and then, whether I choose Save Images or Done, the entire bar at the end of the screen containing those icons (Save, Open Images etc..) and the editing controls all 'grey out' and won't complete the command. i.e. On Save, the dialog window doesn't open and on Done, the images don't close and return me to Bridge.

      If I click anywhere in the Camera Raw window, the menu bar at the end of the screen returns to normal (i.e. not greyed out), but the problem remains. Even if I only select one image to Save/Done, I can't do anything with it.

      This happened last night too and I had to use Ctrl/Alt/Delete in the end to get out of it.

      I have been editing without a hitch for the last three hours though and this has just happened again.

      Each time I have had 25 plus images opened in ACR.

      Any ideas?

      This has never happened before last night.




      Choosing Ctrl/S (instead of Save) brings up the Save dialog window and I can save the images. So, why can't I click on the Save button to do the same thing? Thanks.