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    Highlight/Shadow Clipping Indicator - Show the image too.

    Dinarius Level 1
      The highlight/shadow clipping indicator feature (Alt/Exposure or Alt/Blacks on my PC. Not sure what it is on a MAC)is marvellous and indispensible. But, it could be better, in my view.

      When you are checking for clipping using this feature, the image disappears leaving you with only the clipped pixels. Everything else goes black.

      The problem is that you only see the effect of your decision on how much clipping you want to allow (if any) when you take you finger off the Alt key.

      It is vital, particularly when judging shadow clipping, which is so important in setting the overall contrast of the image, to be able to see the effect of your actions in real time. These actions can be so subjective.

      So, would it be possible for the highlight and shadow clipping (i.e. the blown pixels) to appear in the form of a colour on the image, *but* keeping the image visible at all times?

      Thinking about it further......it would be great to be able to switch between 'blacked out' and visible in Preferences, or some such.