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    Problems sharpening high ISO-files from Sony A700 in ACR 4.2

      According to the reported problems with sharpening/noise-reduction high ISO-RAWs from Canon-cameras, the same issue seams to appear on ARW-Files of the Sony alpha 700.
      Many of A700-users claim, that the pictures show a sort of watercolour effect. These effect will be the more recognizable, the higher the ISO-setting at the camera was. To explain what I mean, heres a 100%-crop of an shot at ISO 1600:
      [sorry, I don't know how to loadup images here]

      The writing seems somehow rough; there are a lot oft artifacts at the edges. Settings were:
      Basic: Dynamic/Vibrance 0
      Detail: Amount 33%, Radius 0.6, Detail 0 (!), Masking 20, Luminance 14, Color 10.
      (The edges would have been much rougher, if I had set Detail to 25 (default) ore more.)

      And here is what the Sony Image Data Converter did:
      [sorry, I don't know how to loadup images here]

      The edges are clear, I cant see any artifacts.

      Now my questions:
      Is this problem typical for the Sony A700 or does it appear to other cameras too?
      How can I avoid this problem using ACR 4.2? I really dont want to use the Sony-Converter, because its slow and complex to handle.
      Which are the best settings for sharpening and NR files from the A700 in ACR 4.2?

      Please excuse my English Im German.