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    Adobe Camera Raw  for Nikon - generate JPEG with color off


      I am learning Photoshop and Camera RAW. I am using CS2 and ACR 3.7 on Windows XP.

      I have noticed that the JPEG file generated by CAMERA RAW has the color slightly off (towards the bluish direction).

      This is what I did, I started Adobe Bridge, I opened up the Nikon RAW file (from D200) with Camera RAW and then generated the JPEG file without using any AUTO or custom setting (took the As SHOT setting). After the JPEG file is generated, I compared the JPEG file, with the file on Camera RAW window, the color of the pictures don't match up. So what you see on Camera RAW window is not what you get in JPEG. The color shown in the Camera RAW window is warmer than the JPEG file. I used the Widnows default jpeg viewer and the Arcsoft Editor to look at the JPEG file, and confirmed the color of the JPEG file is off from the original RAW filed viewed Camera RAW widnow.

      However, when I opened that same JPEG file (generated by Camera Raw) in Adobe Photoshop, and the original RAW file (without any modification) in Photoshop, the color of the JPEG file matches up the color of the original RAW file only in Photogroup. I am confused now.

      Why the color of the JPEG file (generated by Camera RAW) looks OK on photoshop, but it is off in other viewers (default Windows viewer or ArcSoft Editor). However, when I used PictureProject (supplied by Nikon) to generate the JPEG file from that same original RAW file (without any modification), and I looked at the JPEG file (generated by PictureProject) on Photoshop, Arcsoft Editor, and default Windows viewer, the color matches up to the original RAW file on all viewers. So the problem only happens to the JPEG file generated by Camera Raw. Any idea?