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    Camera Raw (via Bridge) starts to malfunction. Help!

    Dinarius Level 1
      Windows XP Media Centre.

      PS CS3.

      This is not the first time this has happened to me.

      I am editing and saving images in Camera Raw via Bridge and suddenly, I cannot activate the Save Image command. The entire Camera Raw window just greys out and/or the Taskbar pops up in front of the Save Image button.

      It's as if the Taskbar is invisibly blocking the Save Image button and appears when I try to use it.

      Previously, I've had to use Control/Alt/Delete to close Camera Raw (the Cancel and Done buttons don't work either.

      Another weird thing.....if I click on the Heal Tool, it will only appear on the image *above* the highest previous healing mark. If I drag the + tool symbol in amongst previous heal marks, it reverts to the mouse cursor! Bizzare!

      Anyone else had this problem?

      Any ideas?