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    Camera 4.2 won't install

      I'm on a Intel Mac running 10.4.10. The Camera RAW 4.2 installation bar goes 1/2 way and then stalls.

      Any Ideas?


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          Omke Oudeman Level 5
          If you have downloaded the ACR package from the Adobe site it should automatically unpack itself. it will show a file named 'Camera Raw.plugin', put this file manually in this location:

          in Root (NOT USER)- library - application support - Adobe - plugIns - CS - file formats - Camera Raw.plugin

          You must have installed only one Camera Raw plugin, if there is already a file in this location replace this with the newer (4.2) file.

          After this check in PSCS3 under the menu Photoshop - about plug ins, choose Camera Raw and check if it is the correct version and if there is only one version.