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    Raw Files turn into 175kb preview files.

      I have download my RAW files from my Canon 1DS into Photoshop CS2 using a Lexar card reader.
      They download as a full RAW file but when I go to open them in bridge the turn into a 175 kb preview file! The strange thing is I download 5 gbs from 5 different cards but not all of them did it. I found that if I download the images several times they would eventually download as full RAW files. I am using a G5 MAC with loads of memory and processing capacity. Is it the problem that the cards are corrupting, the card reader is faulty, CS2 is somehow corrupt (it is a fully registered copy) or that bridge has some weird glich in it. This problem has only just started as I have been this software for some months now.
      Cheers Brent.