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    Problem opening 40D RAW files

      I have installed CS3 Extended and then downloaded and installed Camera RAW 4.2. In CS3 in the Help / about plug-ins option, Camera RAW 4.2 is named. I have also opened CS3 with the ctrl key depressed and cleared the cache / reset preferences.
      I have CS3 installed on d: (d:\program files\adobe\... )
      and Camera Raw.8bi is installed in
      d:\program files\common files\adobe\plug-ins\cs3\file formats\
      (This is the version from 29/08/07 10136kB)

      In bridge I can see thumbnails of 350D files but not 40D files and I can't open the 40D files in Camera Raw (on the 350D files I can right click and "open in Camera Raw..."

      The 40D files are the full size RAW at 9-14Mb rather than sRAW files.

      I don't know where to go next to try to get the 40D files recognised. Any suggestions anyone?