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    ACR missing from Bridge CS3 on Mac

      I am working on a MacBook Pro with Adobe CS3.

      When I originially installed CS3 running OSX 10.4 the "Camera Raw Preferences" under the file menu was missing. I also could not "Develop Settings" or any other ACR functions from Bridge. I was able to open files in Photoshop and use ACR that way, but that seriously hindered my workflow.

      In order to solve the issue I: 1) Updated CS3 (did not fix) 2) Rebuilt Permissions (did not fix) 3) Un-installed CS3, Re-installed CS3 (DID FIX! Camera Raw back in Bridge!)

      I Recently upgraded to Mac OSX 10.5 (Leopard) and now I am right back where I started: no ACR in Bridge.

      So, again I tried to fix by: 1) Un-installing & Re-installing CS3 (did not fix) 2) Re-installing Mac OSX 10.5 & CS3 (did not fix, but was a major hassle)

      I am hoping their is a known fix to this, or if there is a scheduled update to either CS3 or Mac OSX 10.5 addressing such issues with Bridge. I would rather not revert to 10.4 having bought 10.5.