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    New Camera Raw 4.3 wont open in photoshop

      when photos are open from bridge, into raw and I click open image, camera raw disappears to show bridge (which was already open) and does nothing. If I click a thumnail I can choose open in cs3 and that works but it opens in camera raw again , THEN I can choose open and it opens is PS3, but as a PSD, not a JPEG. this all happens after I upgraded everything. quite frustrating.
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Check all your preferences, Purge the cache for the folder from the Tools menu in Bridge.

          If you have ACR set to open your images as 16-bit images you cannot save as JPEG because the JPEG format does NOT support 16-bit images.

          >it opens is PS3, but as a PSD

          No. It opens in RAM/Virtual Memory only, not in ANY file format until you save it.

          More details are needed.

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            Ok purged cache and that didnt help. I am trying to open as 8 bit.

            I am using the new upgrade CR 4.3, as well as new PS3 10.01 and Bridge

            I had some install problems to begin with and had to uninstall and reinstall. Then the upgrade to 10.0.1 put two executables in my adobe file giving me an error message when I tried to open a jpeg cause its file association was opening 10.0 and giving me an error message. I finally had to remove the 10.0 excutable (which was named Photoshop CS3) and then rename the new execuatable which was being called only Photoshop, to Photoshop CS3 to get it to work but it still is buggy.

            What happens is, from Bridge if I open in raw 4.3 and I like what I see and want to work on it in CS3, I cannot open it directly into CS3. If I choose open object or open image, Raw disappears and I see only Bridge, it will not open CS3 and place the file there. Now, if I ALREADY have CS3 open in the background and I choose open, it opens in Raw from Bridge, again OVER CS3 which it also opens, then I can hit open object or open image from THAT raw dialoge box and it opens in CS3. It didnt do this before yesterday. Of course I dont want to have both programs running and eating space and I want the file to open directly into CS3 if I ask it to open from Bridge, just as its always done before.

            Any suggestions really appreciated.

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              Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
              Sounds like you have one messed up installation of Photoshop. :/

              Hopefully one of the many Windows users here can help. I don't do Windows myself.
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                Boy, you got that right!! Had Adobe on the phone a couple hours yesterday till I figured out about the double executables on my own. They'd never heard of it. I just discovered this yesterday when trying to do some work. Don't think a reinstall would help and then I'd have to upgrade again and probably get more executables. Its a vicious circle. thanks.
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                  I think i fixed it. I installed the upgrades again after i downloaded them manually. Installed them over the old upgrades, and now it "seems" to work. At least the first time I tried it. I will still hold my breath for awhile.