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    Magenta Tint on Workspace

    Mick F Level 1
      When I click on any photo in bridge or Lightroom. It turns a horrible Magenta colour. These aren't NEF files, but CR2 or jpeg. Even the gray surround in Camera Raw is Magenta. I've tried reverting to ACR 4.2 but to no avail. Only happened after I did a Lightroom backup today.

      Anyone any ideas? TIA.
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          michael shaffer Level 1
          Mick ... might have a lot to do with your monitor profile, your OS, and how they're all color managed. Give us more info regarding how your computer system is color managed.
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            Mick F Level 1
            The monitor is regularly profiled using a Spyder. OS is XPSP2 with the spyder profile set as default. The images look fine in other editing software such as Canon's DPP. It just seems to be Bridge & Lightroom. The other parts of the Lightroom & Bridge/ACR interface look OK.

            Everything was working OK yesterday. I opened Lightroom today and it did it's weekly backup, then the problem started. It's Lightroom 1.3 with ACR 4.3.

            Sorry, I should have included this info in the first post.
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              Thomas Knoll Level 2
              This is almost certainly a problem with your monitor profile.
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                Mick F Level 1
                Thanks for replying Thomas. All other applications look fine. E.g. the white background on this page is perfect white and the images look fine in DPP. If I open Bridge & purge the cache, then the images look right, but as soon as I click on one, the Magenta tint appears on it and the image either side of it. I've tried resetting ACR defaults and also using "image settings" in ACR, but it doesn't change anything.
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                  Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                  Your monitor profile is hosed.

                  >All other applications look fine.

                  Non-color managed applications are NOT affected by a bad monitor profile.
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                    Mick F Level 1
                    Ah, good point. I had forgotten about that. I'll recalibrate & try again. Thanks Ramon and Thomas.
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                      Mick F Level 1
                      One calibration later and problem solved. My thanks to both of you for blindingly quick replies.
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                        Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                        Calibrate and profile your monitor regularly and often.
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                          Mac Apps: Photoshop CS3 and Bridge
                          PC Apps: Photoshop CS2 and Bridge CS3


                          2 Gateway E Series Desktop PC running Photoshop CS2 and Bridge CS3

                          MacBook Intel 2.16 / 2 GB RAM / OS 10.4.11
                          Mac G4 Quicksilver 2GB Ram OS 10.4.11

                          I have the same problem as Mick but with a slight twist. Use the same image on all machines - a Nikon D1 Camera Raw/NEF (that's what I use to import the images to Photoshop).

                          I have a MacBook and G4 and use 2 Gateway desktops. Using Photoshop CS2 on the PCs - no problem. Photoshop CS3 10.0.1 or Bridge CS3 on my MacBook and G4 gives the same ugly magenta problem. CS2 and Bridge previews and opens the RAW files perfectly on the PCs (I haven't told anyone else yet ;^) ).

                          I just got and installed CS3 on the MacBook and G4 and get the ugly magenta images. Purge cache as noted before, images look OK. Click on images, they turn magenta. I couldn't see anything in the setup of CS3 that looked like it would eliminate this problem. All Camera RAW 4.3 settings were installer defaults. There doesn't seem to be anything really obvious to me that would eliminate the problem.

                          Am I overlooking something obvious here? Thanks for any suggestions.
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                            Just a bit of additional info I noticed. When I open the RAW file in Photoshop on the Macs I noticed a yellow triangle with an exclamation markat the top right corner of the frame. Looking in the curve tab, the curve seems to be compressed to the left half compared to the same image on the PC. The image is Adobe RGB 1998 2000x3008
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                              OK, I kept looking and found the problem is Adobe's and, thus, ours. This is the same issue as:

                              Adobe is working on a fix. Until then you have several workarounds:

                              1. Revert back to Camera Raw 4.2 on your laptop. All older versions of Camera Raw are still downloadable from adobe.com. You will probably want to purge the Camera Raw cache after reverting the plug-in version.

                              2. Set you camera to save NEFs in uncompressed format. The bug is limited to compressed NEFs from older Nikon cameras.

                              3. Use the DNG Converter version 4.2 (not 4.3) to convert the NEF files to DNG format, and then use Camera Raw 4.3.
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                                i have the same problem working with raw files from a canon 40d running camera raw 4.3 on a windows xp platform. the canon editor does not have this problem. please fix asap as it makes photoshop virtually useless.
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                                  Thomas Knoll Level 2
                                  David (#13): There is a near 100% chance that your problem is your monitor profile. Adobe Cannot fix it for you.

                                  The issue with the old Nikon compressed formats and ACR 4.3 was a completely different issue, which was fixed in ACR 4.3.1.
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                                    I'm working with raw files from a Canon 30D (CR2) running Camera Raw 4.3.1 on a Mac. I'm having the same issue that Mick F reported: When I click on any photo in Bridge it turns a horrible Magenta color. These aren't NEF files, but CR2.

                                    The images don't have the Magenta cast when I open them in Apple's Preview (v3.0.9) or when I open them in Canon's ImageBrowser or DPP software. I'm using Spyder3Studio to color manage my Mac and monitor. I've opened the image in all three software programs side by side - the only images that are Magenta are the preview in Bridge and Camera Raw. (Note - before I preview the CR2 file in Bridge, the thumbnail doesn't have the Magenta colour). This problem just started occurring when I installed the latest Adobe Update. When I delete all the XMP files and purge the cache the images in thumbnail once again appear without the Magenta cast, however the minute I open the image it goes back to Magenta. I've been able to use the Camera Calibration tab in Camera Raw to match the image to the images in the other programs (side by side comparison of colors and histograms).
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                                      Wow, I'm having the same problem as everyone on this string. I use a Nikon D200. All my photos are .NEF format. My monitors are calibrated regularly using Spyder Express. When I click on my photo files, or when I attempt to open them, they turn into the ugly magenta color. Perhaps this is due to calibration. But almost w/o a doubt, the root cause is a buggy Adobe update. I have not yet tried to re-calibrate my monitors.

                                      Please clarify the resolution steps.
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                                        Thomas Knoll Level 2
                                        "Even the gray surround in Camera Raw is Magenta" -> This means the problem is your monitor profile with near 100% certainly.

                                        If this is not the case of anybody responding to this thread, then you are posting in the wrong thread, since you have a different problem.
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                                          Thanks Thomas - I'd overlooked the "Even the gray surround in Camera Raw is Magenta." I don't have that problem and will post to a different thread.
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                                            I have the same magenta tint problem as some other people have mentioned, but it only happens when I open photos in lightroom, and it only occurs with raw images imported from a Canon G9. When I open the G9 images in CS3, I get an image with no tint and with an entirely different histogram from that shown in lightroom- lots of magenta showing on the one from lightroom. I also have a Nikon D80 and a Canon 5D and there is no tint problem with either of these cameras in either lightroom or CS3. I calibrate my monitor regularly (once a week) with a Huey Pro. Any suggestions?
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                                              This thread deals with a problem with monitor calibration - "even the gray surround is Magenta" which you're not experiencing. I solved my magenta tint problem in Camera Raw by creating different Calibration tab defaults - as suggested by another forum member - for my Canon 30D and my Canon 5D. Lightroom and Camera Raw are supposed to be similar -are your settings in Lightroom set up for the Canon G9? I know Camera Raw had support for the Canon 5D a few versions before it had support for Canon G9 are you running the version of Lightroom that includes the G9 support (Camera Raw 4.3/Lightroom 1.3)?
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                                                Thank you Eden. I hadn't downloaded the latest version of lightroom.
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                                                  I use the Spyder 2 system in conjunction with the Eizo ColorEdge CE240W and OS Leopard. I'm having the same weird issue when I calibrate as Mick F it looks like. Everything looks fine in other programs such as CS3, but in Lightroom my images INCLUDING INTERFACE has a kind of magenta tint. In the past in Tiger, miraculously it would clear itself up, or if I rebuilt the Catalog things would go back to normal. However, now in Leopard, it's not updating. I've tried deleting the preferences as well as rebuilding the Catalog.

                                                  It actually has no effect on the prints, but it's really tough to work with because I never know what I'm dealing with in an image until I export to Photoshop. Any advice??
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                                                    Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
                                                    >Any advice??

                                                    Post in the Lightroom forum, maybe?
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                                                      Thanks... Sorry, I thought this was the Lightroom Forum.
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                                                        I have exactly the same problem:
                                                        see http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b4c667/0

                                                        except that my cast is sepia (Fuji camera RAF files)