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    Camera Raw 3.7 Auto adjust

      I use CS2 and Camera Raw 3.7 for Windows XP. When I load pictures into camera raw through Bridge, the program automatically adjusts the image. How do I stop it from doing that and be able to see and work with the image as it comes out of the camera.

      My problem is, I'm overexposing on purpose, but the program keeps fixing it. :-(
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          Ramón G Castañeda Level 4
          Go to Camera Raw preferences found in the Bridge menu and UNcheck the "Apply Auto Tone Adjustments" box.
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            I am having basically the same problem with CS2, Camera Raw 3.7, and XP. It auto adjusts them, only it tends to make them overexposed. (I had version 3.4 and downloaded 3.7 to try fixing the problem. When I opened the CR preferences, the "Apply Auto Tone Adjustments" box was unchecked already, but the images still are auto adjusted in the way they were before.) Any help would be very appreciated! Thanks!
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              Dennis 1111 Level 2
              Wow, Kristen. Way to resurrect an old post! Ramon will be pleased that you tried to do a search on the topic first, however. :)

              There are 2 things being referred to here:

              - The Auto Tone Adjustment does a dynamic adjustment of the white and black points and balances the tones similar to the Auto Levels command in PS. It's action depends on the content of the image. It will tend to make bracketed exposures look similar.

              - Even when Auto Tone is turned off, Camera Raw still needs to "develop" the raw data. It does this initially by using the defaults that you have established. If these defaults consistently produce a non-optimum image, you can change them. Just make adjustments until the image looks better and then do a "Save New Camera Raw Defaults".

              If you notice that the thumbnails in Bridge initially look "good" but then change to something else, this is Bridge initially using the small Jpeg embedded into the Raw file and then replacing it with its new, "developed" version. By changing the defaults you should be able to get close to the embedded Jpeg exposure but it will probably never match exactly. The embedded Jpeg was "developed" by the camera manufacturer inside your camera. Expecting it to match exactly with the way Adobe does things is sort of like expecting two different brands of film to produce the same image (back in the old days).

              Remember that with Raw, the result is always an interpretation of the Raw converter being used.
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                JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
                There is a hidden control in ACR that you may not be aware of. And to me it's implementation is somewhat frustrating. Regardless of how you have the Camera Raw preferences set, when you have an image open in ACR you can press Ctrl/U to toggle auto adjustments on/off. The frustrating thing is that there is nothing to indicate what state the switch is in. But try loading an image into ACR and then press Ctrl/U and then do your adjustments. See if this fixes the problem.
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                  Omke Oudeman Level 5

                  I am not sure but I seem to recall that you can see if the auto control is on or of in the main window when one of the terms is blue or underlined (auto / default, sorry, I forgot about it but it is similar to the auto and default lines on top of the exposure slider in the default ACR 4 window
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                    Thank you, everyone! I will try these and let you know what happens. I'm glad that I can make Ramon happy by resurrecting and old post. I did my best to find the answer first. :O)
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                      The control+U or auto/default trick is good to know but doesn't fix my problem. I want to try the "save new camera raw defaults" but can't find where I would do that. I've heard it's in the "camera raw flyout menu" but can't find that anywhere. Would someone mind telling me detailed instructions for that? Thanks so much!
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                        Omke Oudeman Level 5
                        There should be a small triangle top right in the ACR window with exposure sliders and White Balance. Click on this one should provide you the fly out menu.

                        An other good thing would be to get hold of a copy of Bruce Fraser his excellent book Real World Camera RAW CS2. Try Amazon for a used copy. With CS3 ACR went to 4.4 and Jeff Schewe finished the also excellent CS3 edition of Real World Camera RAW.
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                          Thanks! Now I see the flyout menu. I will try that.

                          Thanks also for the book suggestions. :)
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                            Ok, so as far as I understand it the initial view of the image is actually the JPEG preview image and after that it is updated to the RAW image. Fine, got that.

                            Next I can tweak my settings for an image and save that as a new RAW default and then apply that to all the other images. OK

                            Problem I am having is when I open a different folder of images and try and right click on an image and set to Camera RAW Defaults in the Develop Settings, the defaults I created whilst in the other folder are not carried over and therefor are not applied!!

                            Is it just me or has Bridge/ACR seemingly got a mind of it's own??!!