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    d200 and Bridge


      I have a D200 and I shoot my photos using Raw+Basic JPEG. I recently acquired Photoshop CS3. When I attempt to use Adobe Bridge to download photos from my camera, I can see my images in a thumb-nail display (before the actual download begins). However, only images from my JPEG files are displayed. There are no thumbnail imaged from my raw files only a default Photoshop icon representing my NEF files. Is there a way to make Bridge display the images from my NEF files also?

      Note: After I download my images into a folder, and I use Bridge to browse the folder, Bridge will show thumb-nail images of my NEF files Bridge only seems to have trouble with my NEF files on my camera.

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          Omke Oudeman Level 5
          The best way to download images to the computer is using a card reader. Place the card in the reader and either use photodownloader or drag and drop the files manually to the destination folder.

          After copying check if the files are downloaded correctly (check if the previews are build correctly, thumbnails only is not enough). Ideal would be to make a back up of the files at that time you can place the card back in the camera and use format card in camera to clear the images.
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            Thanks! Using a card reader solved my problem...