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    Switching From Windows To Mac: ACR Database, Bridge Cache Questions

      I am planning to switch from Windows XP to the Mac running Leopard. I am now running CS2 in Windows, but will upgrade to CS3 on the Mac. I am maintaining my RAW file settings in ACR central database and my Bridge cache in a centralized cache file. I've searched the forums but couldn't find answers to my migration questions:<br /><br />1. Can one move the ACR database file from Windows (in folder C:\Documents<br />and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw) to a folder<br />somewhere on the Mac to preserve the settings on RAW files that are also<br />moved to the Mac? Or does one need to export individual XMP files for the<br />RAW files in Windows and move both the RAW files and their associated XMP<br />files to the Mac?<br /><br />2. I have a similar question for migrating the Bridge cache from Windows XP<br />to the Mac. Can one somehow move the Bridge cache over (I think it's in<br />C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Bridge\Cache\Thumbnails\) or do I need to export the cache for<br />each folder and subfolder and move them over along with the folders and<br />subfolders?<br /><br />I would appreciate any help or pointers to any Adobe documents or<br />directions. Thank you.