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    Color Shift When Save JPG from NEF->PSD->JPG

      Background: Windows 2000, Photoshop CS2, 2GB RAM, Nikon D200, NEF images

      Hello, I'm just starting serious work with raw images from my D200. (I have a lot of experience with JPG images.) I have made adjustments to a set of raw images using ACR and am very happy with the results, color balance (skin tones, etc) and everything else looks excellent.

      I specify the ProPhotoRGB color space and save 16-bit PSD files using camera raw (yes, that takes a long time). I can open these 16-bit PSD images in CS2 and the color still looks great, probably identical to what I see in ACR before saving the PSD.

      After making my final edits and adjustments in CS2, I convert to an 8-bit image and the AdobeRGB colorspace. The color *still* looks excellent. This is where I thought I might see a difference but the images still look excellent at this point. (All evaluation is being done on my monitor.)

      The problem comes when I attempt to save a JPG file for use at my photo lab. I can see the difference right away in the 2-up before/after image-preview window of Save for the Web. The "after" preview looks muddy and has a greenish or bluish tint to it. Skin tones are just ugly. The before looks okay (remember the before is already an 8-bit, Adobe RGB-colorspace image). As one would expect, prints made from the JPG images have the same muddy, ugly appearance.

      My best guess is that this is a color space issue but I have no idea what to do to fix this. I'd appreciate any hints or suggestions. Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions.