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    Finepix s9000/9500 raw conversion

      Hi all,
      I use both softwares:
      - Finepix Viewer 3.3.9 with his Raw File Converter LE 4.0.1f2 and
      - Adobe Camera Raw 3.7 in Photoshop CS2
      to convert Raw shots under Mac Os 10.3.9 (I can't upgrade to CS3 and AdobeCameraRaw 4.x)

      Adobe Camera Raw 3.7 offers a lot of settings (white balance, exposure, sharpness, luminance, colour etc)
      I can't get better results than Finepix Viewer Raw File Converter LE in noise reduction!
      So I'm obliged to use Finepix Viewer Raw File Converter with 400, 800, 1600 ASA shots.

      Any idea about? Hints, links, tricks are welcome