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    camera raw

      I am using Windows xp and have added photoshop cs2 onto my new computer but when I try to open my raw photos from my canon rebel xt it tells me that it is not the right kind of document. I have downloaded the camera raw file to my adobe in the bridge plug in but it still won't work. Help... Please what am I doing wrong or does it go to a different part of adobe for it to work. I downloaded the 3.7 version. It worked on my other computer but that computer was old and I bought a new one. This has 3g memory and a 250 mb hard drive so I have plenty of room and lots of memory. My computer is a dell but I don't think that would matter. How do I make this work all my pictures are in the raw format so now I can't get to any of them. thanks a lot for any help I can get.

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          Where did you load the 3.7 update? Did you unzip it prior to loading? Reread the instructions from the download page and follow the instructions for loading 3.7 exactly. After doing so, you may need to purge the cache from the folder containing those raw files because Bridge is still thinking it can't open those files.