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    Setting black and white points

      Dear friends,
      I am shooting some pics with a "Whibal like" target card which has a white, black and 18% neutral grey shades.

      In Camera Raw I I can easily correct the white balance with the provided eyedropper on the top row by clicking on the grey target.

      I cannot find any way to set the black and the white points though and have to resort doing that for EACH picture in Photoshop via a levels or a curves adjustment layers.

      It would be great to be able to set those in Bridge/Camera Raw so that I can then copy those settings to other similar shots.

      Any ideas ? Thank you
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          Hold the CRTL key and slide the blacks slider. The exposure and recovery slider work the same way, but I don't know which one sets the white point, it looks like the Exposure slider does that.
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            Julienne Pascoe

            I am having the same problem, although its now Camera Raw 7 - where can you set the white, mid, and black points in Camera Raw with the eyedropper tool. It seems you have to create a new psd file in Photoshop to do this, which does not make much sense since it is a basic levels adjustment. I am batch editing a bunch of CR2 files, and I just need to select the black, mid and white points on a grayscale that I've shot in the images - is there a way to do this in Camera Raw 7? Thanks!!