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    Color Printing Problems after update dec28/07

      Last night I installed the latest updates for PS CS3 on 2 machines and both machines have the exact same color issues while printing with two different Canon printers.

      The Problem:
      Since this last update all images I try in print from 16bit ProPhoto or AdobeRGB 16bit, converted from Canon RAW through ACR look sepia tone, there is virtually no color (images still look as they did before on my monitor). In order to get the color to print I must convert image profiles to 8 or 16 Bit sRGB. I have not changed any settings after the update and confirmed that the update made no changes to the printers set up. sRGB 8bit jpeg images print color as seen on the monitor.

      BOTTOM LINE: I can no longer print ProPhoto or AdobeRGB color space on my 8 color Canon Printer