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    Canon G9 CR2 File Problems

      I'm running into some troubles with this combination of CR2 files from the Canon G9 and using Lightroom 1.3 or Photoshop CS3.

      When I import the files from the camera using Lightroom's import function (and yes, I have the 4.3 camera raw update installed), Lightroom brings over both the .jpg and the .cr2 files (so far, so good) but then I run into problems.

      First problem: The .CR2 files have improper white balance set on them. catastrophically so, as I'm using the camera for infrared shots and without the original white balanace settinsg taken at the time of shooting the shot is useless. The .jpg's are fine, but obviously lack the full details of a raw file, which I would prefer to work with.

      Second problme: When I right click on the .cr2 image in Lightroom and choose to edit it in Photoshop, the result is that Photoshop opens the file as a Tiff image and I never get the opportunity to use the Camera Raw loader settings for the raw image in photoshop, which are fairly important to me.

      Third Problem: If I open the image directly in photoshop, it will initiate the Camera Raw 4.3.1 loader (a good thing) but still has the color balance issues. And for an instant when the file loads in camera raw 4.3.1, a triangle warning sign shows in the upper right corner of the picture then dissappears. I have tried using the Adobe RGB, Colormatch, ProPhoto and sRGB settinsg, 8 and 16 bit, all to no avail, I still lose the white custom balance as shot.

      Any help on this would be very much appreciated, I've thus far been totally unable to work with raw images from the G9 regardless of what versions of the various software and tools I have loaded.
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          Cant you just select, as shot, in the white balance drop down,or simply slide the temp settings to get what you want? are you doing b&w infrared or color? if b&w,just slide saturation to zero, and adjust temp to get whatever look you are after.
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            Thanks for the response...

            I'm doing color/False color, so the desaturation won't help really. I've tried every option in the white balance list, for each of the possible file types (sRGB, Pro, Adobe, etc)
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              Thomas,i never tried it myself,but i did see this posted somewhere. maybe it will help your situation.

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                Hi, thanks once again for responding.

                My dilemma is that the final results of an artifically induced white balance through channel switching won't give the same results as the false color image produced when the original white balance is done on-site using the non-IT filtered color metering system of the camera. It can give an approximation, but it will lack in a great many nuances.

                IR images taken using the Canon G9 produce correct .JPGs, but the processing of the CR2 files by camera raw is flawed in the way that it is handling the white balance settings in the CR2 it seems. Images produced by other camers such as our Nikon D80 or others that use formats other than CR2 come through perfectly. Only the CR2 images are incorrect. This may be linked to the use of custom white balances instead of standard white balance settings, perhaps something in the file contents identifying which white balance (the camera has approximately eight) is being used and should be processed. Or perhaps the file itself is being incorrectly produced by the camera. Who know, eh?

                I know the CR2 format in the G9 is relatively new and full support will come in time, but I'd hoped that it was some obscure setting that could get us back on track. In the meantime, we are using the .JPG images from the G9, which come through correctly processed. But this is sub-optimal, and one of the primary reasons for settling on the G9 was to have the raw images. Afetr all, how many 12MP compact cameras out there produce raw image files, eh? :)

                If nothing else, perhaps this conversation will prompt some research and eventually correct processing of CR2 will emerge.
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                  I am sure someone here will offer a solution for you soon hopefully. i have only done b&amp;w infrared with a hoya r72. here is one of my shots if you care to look. <br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.pixentral.com/show.php?picture=1bvqQhRX3j78aDmgESKLLkjkqBV1" /></a> <img alt="Picture hosted by Pixentral" src="http://www.pixentral.com/hosted/1bvqQhRX3j78aDmgESKLLkjkqBV1_thumb.jpg" border="0" />
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                    I'm having the same issues with Nikon D70 NEF files in PSCS3, Lightroom, iPhoto, and the free NikonView software. I'm on a Mac using OSX 10.5.1 and the newest ACR.

                    I tried opening some of the files on a PC in NikonView and it worked there... the custom white balance I set didn't get lost. I was able to save the images as TIFs and bring them into PSCS3 on my Mac. THis doesn't help much, though, as it's a borrowed laptop and it doesn't have Photoshop on it...