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    ACR is MIA

      i cannot view either CR2(canon RAW) or DNG files in my bridge. in the help section, it states that my ACR is most likely not installed in the correct place. it states specifically where that should be, and that's what i am trying to do, but i appears that something is wrong. when i click on a RAW file, it only will open in photoshop even after i deleted my cache. i cannot view RAW at all in the Bridge. I have CS3, vista home premium, dell inspiron E1705 with lots of space and use canon camera 20D (awesome camera!).
      please help me :)

      FYI- i followed the instructions and it still won't open. i've installed it in the correct file over and over and over. now my photoshop just CRASHES whenever i try to close it. it's totally messed up. i've been trying to fix it for hours....