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    Previewing HSL & Sharpening at less than 100% on Canon 1Ds MKI

      Hi, I'm new here and checked the archive for this topic with no luck.

      I am experiencing a degraded preview when adjusting the parameters for HSL and Sharpen/Noise tabs in ACR 4.3.1. The adjustments appear to have a grainy artifact at 66% and less but then perfectly smooth at 100% and more. Other adjustments seem fine- exposure, white balance, etc.

      I thought this might be by design at first, but this only occurs with .raw images from my 1Ds Mk1. I tried opening a few Tiff's in ACR and can't recreate the artifact.

      I can live without seeing accurate sharpening at less than 100%(I usually sharpen later, anyways), but making adjustments to the luminance in HSL would require seeing more of the image to make a good judgment.

      Anyone else have this issue?