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    Bridge Preview/ACR/Photoshop oversaturating red in CR2 files

      When I initially open Canon 30D CR2 RAW files in Adobe Bridge (nothing in Preview pane) red saturation is as shot in the camera (matches the camera's JPEG preview thumbnail which I realize isn't the same image as the CR2 file and I realize the CR2 file isn't color managed). When I select an image - the thumbnail preceding the image, plus the selected image, and the thumbnail following the image change and the reds become oversaturated (occurs at all ISO settings - moderate at lower ISO settings but completely unacceptable at 1250 and higher). When I purge the cache - the thumbnails go back to the original color. When I open the image in ACR and Photoshop just changing Hue/Saturation/Luminance (all channels) and White Balance doesn't bring the image back. Modifying the Calibration tab settings - something I've never had to do before - fixes the problem. Depending on the ISO and the lighting conditions the settings for the Calibration tab differ.

      Has anyone seen this? Is there some setting I'm overlooking?

      Camera: Canon 30D, CR2 RAW files
      Software/Hardware Environment: ACR 4.3.1 (ACR 3.4 for settings) w/ Bridge and Photoshop Extended 10.0.1 on a MacBook Pro with Tiger 10.4.11 OS

      I don't think this is a monitor calibration issue as the behavior is occurring on two systems that have been calibrated with different software (Spyder versus Apple's simple calibration). I've also printed the images (one generated out of Canon's software and one from CR2/Photoshop on the same system side by side on the monitor) with the same embedded ICC profile at Costco. The CR2/Photoshop JPEG prints with the oversaturated red.

      A temporary fix (but incredibly time consuming) is modifying the Calibration tab settings. Playing with the calibration tab in ACR almost gets the image back to what the initial preview thumbnail (image in Canon's software) looked like. Saving the resulting CR2 image as JPEG and printing with the Costco ICC profile gives me almost the same result as the image from Canon's software. I can get the image in Canon's software to map the image in Bridge/ACR/Photoshop by changing the Picture Style from Neutral or Faithful - setting on the camera I shot in - to Standard.

      Preview thumbnails of raw CR2 images and the starting CR2 image in ACR that I processed prior to the beginning of November didn't over saturate the red channel. When I open those CR2 files (and JPEGs generated from those CR2 files) now they're exhibiting the same behavior. The color space for the generated JPEGs is Adobe RGB 1998 (not sure if that makes a difference or not). When I open those JPEGs in Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP) they appear as originally processed. I doublechecked to see what color space was set and DPP confirms it is Adobe RGB 1998. When I save the files (Raw CR2 or JPEG) in Canon's software as TIFF with no EXIF data and then open the resulting TIFF in Bridge/ACR/Photoshop - the red saturation doesn't occur, however all camera capture, metadata copyright, and keyword data is gone.
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          Your Canon software is reading proprietary image data that is not available outside of that software. It is converting your images according to the parameters established by Canon. ACR, on the other hand, does not read that information. It is your responsibility to use the calibration settings to create settings that are appropriate for your shooting style and for your specific camera. This is called "calibration". Once you have made these adjustments so that they are giving you acceptable results, you should save those as your Camera Raw defaults. Then ACR will use those settings in Bridge and in ACR, and you should be able to get consistent results
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            Hi Jim,

            Thanks for the reply. I knew that Adobe doesn't have access to the Canon codec (for example, in my workflow I know I have to reset Exposure Bias in ACR as setting it in my camera doesn't translate).

            I shoot in mixed lighting environments - red, blue, green, yellow, white spotlights (some LED and some bulb) with and without haze - all without flash. I can set a custom white balance to correct for the varied light, but that's another one of the features that like EV doesn't seem to be readable by ACR. I currently have 8 ACR defaults set up to map to the various lighting/ISO settings - I haven't been able to come up with one general calibration so I can't set that as the default.

            I'd never had to calibrate the channel interpretation before - been using ACR/Photoshop CS2 and CS3 since it came out in May and through November it worked great. I was hoping that there was some obvious setting I set wrong.

            I'm going to try removing ACR 4.3.1 and go back to the previous version ACR 4.2 - the files came in fine with that version.
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              I rechecked my non-Adobe software (ImageBrowser, DPP, Preview) and discovered that they were color managed and the settings weren't the same as ACR. Bridge/ACR were/are interpreting the RAW files correctly. I've set all ColorSync profiles and CMM options so that they're the same.

              I did discover an interesting workaround though and why I'd not run into the oversaturated red before. Prior to December I hadn't used Bridge to preview CR2 files or edit metadata, I'd opened Photoshop and run Web Gallery on the folder with my CR2 files to create thumbnails and generate JPEGs for images I'd chosen outside Creative Suite. I've gone back to using that to generate proof images (that aren't color managed) so that people can select the images they want and I can then post-process those images in ACR using calibration presets. NOTE: When I preview CR2 images and then run Web Gallery the images are color managed and have the oversaturated red. If I purge Bridge cache and Photoshop cache and run Web Gallery again the images appear without the oversaturated red.
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                i'm also having a problem with over saturation of color in photohsop CS3. when i preview a jpeg image (shot with my nikon d70) using 'windows picture and fax viewer', the saturations is normal, but when i open that image in photoshop it's over saturated; particularly reds. i haven't always had this problem, and it's incredibly frustrating.
                any ideas?
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                  I see that this is a super old post, but I am having the same issues with .CR2 (Canon 20D) and .ARW (Sony Alpha A55) files in Adobe Bridge CS5.  I have never needed to do anything special before, and I had no problems when shooting .JPG with my older Panasonic DMC-FZ28 camera.  Even the files shot in .JPG with the Sony Alpha A55 have this oversaturation issue, especially with reds.  I'm not sure how to fix this problem?  Help please!