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    Camera RAW - How to...

      Please can anyone help...I recently acquired Photoshop CS3 and last night downloaded from Adobe the Camera RAW file, I followed the detailed instructions carefully, so thought all was well...but when I went to open a file I had an error message saying that it could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document...?

      So I am completely perplexed and wondering where I went wrong inbetween the download stage. I have also purged the cache in Bridge, but this isn't helping, so any of you know what the answer to my (hopefully 'small') problem might be????

      I use Window's Vista.
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          michael shaffer Level 1
          It is a very rare case that installing the ACR plugin correctly results in what you're experiencing. Without knowing exactly what you did, our hands are tied. A couple of things to check:

          The Photoshop 'Help' menu should offer an automatic procedure for updating ACR & Bridge.

          The 'Help=>About plugins" should indicated which version of ACR PS believes is present. Let us know ...

          HTH :)
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            Rags Gardner

            What kind of camera is this and what version of ACR?

            This message frequently means that the image is corrupt. It can also mean that the image is from a camera model not currently supported.

            Cheers, Rags :-)
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              I have the exact same problem, but i'm using PS Elements 5 on Windows XP! I have already downloaded the new version of Camera RAW and it's still giving me the formentioned error. It's also not related to the camera, because I use a Canon rebel XTI (eos 400D) and this was already compatible with older CRA versions...
              I'm stuck now...
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                Hi guys, firstly thanks for the quick responses to my post.

                Update: I checked my applications from Michael's advice and all seemed intact, and as it should be. I really don't know what happened when I first installed it, but needless to say it must have jigged itself in the interim as last night on looking at Camera RAW settings and Photoshop all seems to be well, I can now open the files as intended...so all's well that end's well they say?! But needless to say thanks anyway for your support!

                Many thanks again!
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                  Hi Pieter,

                  For your query, I am at a loss really on how Camera RAW is still giving you the error message.

                  It was a fluke really that going onto it again last night resulted in all being well for me on Camera RAW - only because I went through it a second time on advice and making sure certain elements was correctly installed (i.e. on Adobe Bridge) - which it was.

                  So like you initially when it didn't work and I had the error messages come up, it was very frustrating.

                  You seem to have done all that was required, (as the download instructions stipulated, which is very important that you do this to the letter) and that you 'purge the cache' which I found in the Adobe Bridge program.

                  Maybe posting a new post on the forum will hopefully yield some definitive answers for your query.

                  Sorry I can't be of much further help to you.

                  Kind regards, Sheree
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                    Hi Rags, as you can see from my previous message all is ok with the Camera RAW settings on my computer now (ACR downloaded onto my computer was the latest version and plug-ins on PS3 stipulated that it was the latest version also). My camera was actually supported (Nikon D50) and all files are now ok to open in RAW, so really haven't got a clue what went wrong originally...
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                      Rags Gardner Level 1

                      Congrats. And I hope all stays well with you. If you had corrupt files, they should have stayed corrupt.

                      On the other hand, I lost a hard drive last year. For a few weeks before it died, I was getting intermittent disk errors. It might be worth your time to have a look at the Windows event logs and see if you have recorded any hardware errors recently. Just a precaution.

                      Cheers, Rags :-)