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    ACR Calibration Results Question

      I recently purchased a D300 and have been shooting in RAW format. I am working my way through Bruce and Jeff's book and decided to try to calibrate my camera.

      I shot a MacBeth (now X-Rite) color checker and followed the directions from the RWCR CS3 book.

      All went well with the calibration and the results I ended up with are:

      No Shadows correction
      R Hue -15 Sat +38
      G Hue -16 Sat +33
      B Hue +11 Sat +5

      The results of applying these corrections is kind of mixed. Overall the color looks pretty good but the greens esp in grass are pretty saturated and kind of faked looking. Skin tones seem a little on the red side as well.

      Overall the image seems a bit too saturated. I guess I could adjust my corrections by eye and save those as a new preset, but I was wondering if my results were normal or perhaps I went astray somewhere.

      I intend to run some of the auto calibrators like the Fors script or Rags script to compare.


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          Rags Gardner Level 1

          I cant really comment on your current results. But I am currently working on a new update that you might want to help me Beta test. If so, please contact me offline.

          I am also always looking for test images from new camera models. I jumped on the D3 bandwagon and I am delighted. I could use a D300 image for my test suite.

          Cheers, Rags :-)