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    I have PSE 4.0.  How do I get it to read Nikon D300 .NEF's?


      I am not a computer expert and I am in a tizzy because I *just* started gaining momentum in learning Elements and then was surprised with a new D300 for Christmas (previously had a D70s which worked great with PSE4.0). So is there any way that I can get my current version of PSE to read these huge NEF files from my D300? I saw the initial message regarding ACR being available but it says 4.0.1 so is there a place where I can find out if I have the ".1" part of Elements? I tried out the Nikon editing software and it just seemed so cumbersome and I would REALLY like to not have to learn a whole new program if I don't have to. I love Elements! Thank you so much for any advice.