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    Camera Raw and Photoshop fluctuations

      When I open a JPG from Camera Raw and view it in Photoshop I'm noticing that the Photoshop version, viewed at 100%, is slightly darker, viewed side-by-side, than the preview in Camera Raw, also at 100%. Both in the same color space (sRGB).

      Interestingly, when I changed the color settings in Photoshop to Adobe RGB and then reprocessed the photo in Camera Raw as an Adobe RGB file and then opened it in Photoshop, the side-by-side comparison shows the Photoshop version as slightly lighter, not darker, than the version shown in the preview window in Camera Raw. Both also at 100%.

      Any thoughts on the subject would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Tom

      Photoshop CS3
      Camera Raw 4.3.1
      aluminum imac 17" display, 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
      2 GB 667 MHx DDR2 SDRAM
      Mac OSX 10.4.11