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    batch RAW conversion: no sidecar XMP files

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      When I open and save a RAW file as a JPEG by hand, I always get a XMP file that tells me the RAW settings. Actually the XMP is generated as soon as I "open" the RAW file in PS. When I do the exact same steps in a batched action, no XMP files result. I just painfully batch converted 4000 RAW files, no XMP files showed up. Ran some test cases, manually doing the steps result in a XMP file, batching them doesn't. Why doesn't PS generate the XMP files?

      One thing I worry about is what RAW settings were applied to my files. Without the XMP files it's very hard to check. Some settings, like noise reduction and saturation, are pretty subtle and hard to determine w/o a "with" and "without" comparision. In theory the XMP files would let me detemine exactly what settings were applied.

      This is for Windows XP, CS3, latest RAW update downloaded a few days ago.