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    JPG file size differences in ACR and PS

      Camera: Nikon D80
      Photoshop: CS3 Extended v.10.0.1
      ACR: version 4.3.1

      Saving from ACR, Q=9 -> 1,2Mb
      Saving from ACR, Q=10 -> 1,8Mb

      PS, Q=11 (no thumbnail) -> 3,1Mb
      PS, Q=11 (with thumbnail) -> 3,1Mb (no difference)
      PS, Q=12 (no thumbnail) -> 5,8Mb
      PS, Q=12 (with thumbnail -> 5,8Mb (no difference)

      Save for Web, Q=90: 3,7Mb (larger than PS/11)
      Save for Web, Q=100: 5,8Mb (same as PS/12)

      1.) Why ACR saves much smaller files?
      2.) Why there isn't difference when saving with thumbnail or not?
      3.) Why the different methods?
      4.) Is any of them better? If yes: why the other? If not: why does it exist?

      Saving from ACR produces much smaller files than any other known RAW converter. I've tried Bibble, Lightroom, CaptureNX, DxO and all of them created nearly the same size as Photoshop does. So the most important question: why ACR creates so small JPG files?

      Thanks in advance!