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    PS 7/ACR 4.3.1

    JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
      Some clown over on the Dpreview forums is claiming that he downloaded ACR 4.3.1 and put it in the Plug-Ins folder for Photoshop 7 (yes, 7) and successfully uses it to edit raw images from his Nikon D100 & D70s. Any comments?
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          Not on Mac it won't...the current plug-in architecture for CS3 requires a .plugin which Photoshop 7 can't even recognize...I suspect he's download CR 4.3.1 and also had a Nikon plug-in installed that is doing the opening not Camera Raw. Has be posted a screenshot from within Photoshop 7 showing CR 4.3.1 running (course, that would be easy enough "create").
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            Jim Hess

            I'm that 'clown' over at dpreview that 'Thought' that he'd gotten ACR to work with PS7. I stand correct that it was in fact the Nikon NEF plugin that was actually doing the NEF conversion work as you mentioned in my thread on dpreview. I was cunfused by the fact that it appeared to work and also I can view the help info on the ACR 4.3.1 Plugin. Thanks for not being too big of a jerk on posting information on my mistake.

            I'm always willing to learn.
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              I am ashamed of my remark, and I apologize. I get a little out of patience with some of the comments on the Dpreview forums. I have had my share of disagreements with some of the contributors there. I know I offended you. I apologize sincerely. There is so much misinformation offered on that forum, and much of it is provided authoritatively. It's difficult to know when/if you are communicating with someone who knows what they are talking about.
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                I too am sorry for getting a little tweaked per your inital comment. Thanks for helping me out both here and on dpreview. I'm trying to broaden my knowledge of PP tools and I know I'll make more mistakes, but it's people like you at these forums that I'll turn to for answers and gentle a push in the right directions.

                Happy shooting...
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                  Now I am offended. I happen to work part time as a clown and often lose patience with those that continually use it a pejorative term.
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                    Don't push it. :)