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    Camera RAW and Elements Hang during Thumbnail Generation...

      Ever since I upgraded to the newest version of Camera Raw, I have been having issues with Photoshop Elements hanging while automatically generating thumbnails, anyone else notice this issue?

      Hang is not quite the right description... So I import a batch of pictures and PSE starts processing the files ("Generating Thumbnails" is in the tool bar at the bottom). After a few images are processed, it just stops. If I try to force an update of the thumbnail ("Update Thumbnail" option under the Edit menu), a broken image just come back. No mater what I do, it just sits there and will not resolve the thumbnail issue until I close out PSE and go into task manager and make sure that the task is killed.

      On the other hand, while I can not get the thumbnails generated, I can go into the Editor with a raw image and it opens in Camera Raw without any problems.

      Anyone else having similar issues? Know anything to try?

      * Yes I have the most recent version of Camera Raw. When I downgrade to an older version of Camera Raw, the issue seems to go away.
      * I can not use the old version all the time because I have a Nikon D300, which is only supported in the newest version. I confirmed the working of things with some of my D200 files.
      * I am using Photoshop Elements 6.0, mainly for organization of all my images because I take a lot of them.
      * I am doing this on a Windows XP x64 machine
      * Based on a post someplace, I did check that my default printer on my machine is set to a printer that is always on the machine (PDF writer) and not a network printer/printer that has been disconnected.

      Thank you for any help/suggestions that anyone can give me...