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    raw converted to unix files

      I batch renamed a folder of raw files in photoshop cs and it converted them all to unix files, any hope of reading them or converting them to jpg or tiff? help!
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          Omke Oudeman Level 5
          Can you be more specific?

          Did you use Bridge for batchrenaming and what do you mean with converting to unix files. You probably lost the extension during renaming??

          Are you on Mac or PC??
          What RAW files did you use?

          Can you give an example of the new filename??
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            John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
            I agree with Omke. It sounds like you renamed the files and changed the filename extensions. Did you rename through Bridge or some other way?

            I can duplicate this on the Mac by renaming files from filename.CR2 to filename.jc. When I look at the renamed files in the Finder they all say "Unix Executable File".

            Rename them again, giving them the correct filename extension and you should have things back to where they should be.

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              thanks so much for your advice. i renamed one file with .CR2 at the end in a test folder and all it did was change the letters but still a unix file. i can see the images after selecting view "unreadable files" in file browser but cannot get them to change to another file type. Again, I only have photoshop cs and use browse to edit and batch rename, etc.
              I'll be getting cs2 at least after this. any other thoughts? my first time using any forum and i sent my first reply by email so maybe it did not go through.
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                Omke Oudeman Level 5
                once again, could you be more specific:
                what OS are you on Mac or PC
                What files did you use, the original RAW files from a Canon camera (.CR2)
                What was the resulting name in detail
                How did you batch rename in Photoshop itself or did you use Bridge. As far as I know in Photoshop you need to go trough the automate - batch menu and choose the settings in the upcoming window (?)
                What action where you playing when using the batch function??
                Have you tried more files (it could be possible that you have separate xmp files and by accident have renamed this one instead of a real RAW file.

                Questions that need answers :-)
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                  Many thanks, i use mac, a powerbook g4, only photoshop cs. files were the original raw, cr2, from a canon mark II. yes photoshop,browse, automate, batch rename, i can see the images now after clicking on view , in browse, and checking "unreadable files". i tried to change a single unix file in a folder on my desktop with the rename aproach by putting a .cr2 at the end of the file name but it just changed the file name without actually changing the file back to raw. the resulting names of the files were as i instructed, location, date, my name and ascending file number 001....... with no label of what type of file at the end. i saw it was a unix file by hilighting a file and pushing "apple-i" on my keyboard. i don't know what a xmp file is but they were all raw files out of my camera. i thank you so much again...
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                    Omke Oudeman Level 5
                    Erik, I forgot about CS file browser but I seem to remember that it is something similar to the Bridge option, only with less options.

                    I can not imagine that renaming is destructible for RAW. You have to be sure that there is only one extension in the name (the last four characters should be .CR2 and there should only be one dot in the name and that is the one before the extension.

                    I tried to reproduce it by removing the extension from a RAW file. There is no such thing as a unix file on my machine (PowerMac with OSX 10.4.11 and CS3) after using the info but I was not able to open the file.

                    However after adding the .CR2 at the end did bring everything back to normal and I was able to open it again.

                    Just copy a few of the files and batch rename them again and this time be sure to add the extension.

                    An other thing that can't be told to much is BACK UP. Ideal it would be to copy the files from the CF card to the Mac, Check if the files are right and immediately make 1 copy of it to an other drive before altering anything. I know that it is hindsight for you at this moment but it can safe you in the future.

                    If you plan to upgrade go straight to CS3 and Bridge. Then use the Photodownloader that has the option to make a back up copy during import of the files.
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                      thank you, thank you,thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked exactly like you said, i will upgrade straight to cs3 and never do any editing without having backed up files first again! my first experience with a forum and you proved it to be great. all the best to you Omke