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    Windows CS

      I am trying to use raw for the first time since I purchased CS in 04-05 but can't find where it is located.
      My 2 questions: Did camera raw plug-in load automatically when I installed or is it something I have to purchase and add?
      If it was part of the program, how do I access?
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          Omke Oudeman Level 5

          On top of the ACR forum page there are several links. One for the latest ACR plug in and several others for elder versions.

          It needs to be downloaded and installed exactly according to the enclosed instructions. The problem is that you have an old version of Photoshop and I believe that this can only work with version 2.x of ACR. CS2 has the max version of 3.7 and CS3 works with 4.3.1 at this moment.

          There are roughly 4 updates a year to support the RAW files from the latest cameras. Sadly each camera vendor has its own RAW format and for each model again an other version.

          If the files from the camera you have are not supported with ACR 2.x you have three options:

          Download the latest DNG converter (free) from adobe and convert the files to DNG and then open them in ACR.

          Upgrade to CS3 (and have al lot more to benefit from) to use the latest ACR.

          Or download a trial version of Adobe Lightroom, that is a very easy and good workflow for handling RAW files
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            John_Cornicello_Photo Level 2
            It should have been installed as part of the program.

            Go to the Photoshop Help menu (Windows) or the Photoshop Menu (Mac), click on About_Plugin and see if it is listed. If it isn't listed (or if you have an older version than 2.4) you should get the update listed above and install that.

            The way to bring it up is to go to File > Open and select a supported raw image file.