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    Tonality Presets based on ColorChecker Grayscale?

      I'm a newcomer to photography, and I'm developing a workflow for batch processing of images.

      I am currently using a session photo of the ColorChecker to set the White Balance w/ the WB eyedropper in ACR. I have also used ColorChecker images (D50 and D65) for camera calibration using Bruce Fraser's method and the various scripts.

      My question now is as follows. For the purpose of setting the tonality (exposure, shadows, brightness, contrast), is there ever a circumstance where it would make sense to develop a session-specific tonality preset based on matching the ColorChecker grayscale patches to their Adobe RGB reference values (243/201/161/122/85/53), or should the tonal parameters always be set on an image-by-image basis.

      I'm photographing paintings, and each of my sessions contains different paintings - some lighter/brighter and some darker depending on the subject matter and mix of colors. So intuitively, I would think it makes more sense to adjust the tonality on an image-by-image (painting-by-painting) basis.

      Your thoughts?