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    Unable to edit my raw files after uploading

      I am using PCS2 and windows XP. Canon 30-and-40D. I am just learning about photoshop and RAW files. I did go to the update 4.3 was unable to use so I down loaded DNG. I can convert the RAW files to jpig however I can't use them in bridge or photoshop as a RAW file to make the changes that I would like. After doing some reading on the forum I am still having problems. My plugin is 3.7. Is their anything in preferences that might need to be changed. Thank Joe
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          Omke Oudeman Level 5
          If you convert the RAW files to the DNG format you will be able to open them in the ACR 3.7 plugin for CS2.

          But 3.7 is the latest for CS2. Every new camera has its own RAW format and Adobe usually brings out 4 upgrades each year to support this new formats. If you want to benefit from the recovery and fill light options in Camera Raw (and a lot more) you either have to upgrade to CS3 or buy Adobe Lightroom
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            Ok sounds like light room it is. Just something else I have to figure out. Thanks
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              JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
              Personally, I wouldn't dismiss the idea of the DNG converter, at least until you get Lightroom and are comfortable with it. Just download the latest version and use it to create Digital negative copies of your raw images. You will still have your original raw images, and the image data in the DNG files is exactly the same image data. You can get identical results with the DNG file. And you will be able to use ACR 3.7 just as you always have been able to do.

              Then, Lightroom is something that you can learn at your own pace. As you become more comfortable with it you will be able to work with the DNG files that you started working on with ACR 3.7. I think starting with the DNG converter would provide you with a good transition as you become familiar and comfortable with the new controls and the new interface in Lightroom.