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    Noise in ACR, No Noise in PS CS3

      I opened some old JPEGs taken with a Kodak DX6490. In one file in particular I saw quite a bit of noise on a white wall. I've been seeing a lot of noise in other old files. I found a copy of the file in question which I had worked on with PS7 and saved as a PSD. opened it up in PS CS3 and lo and behold, no noise ! Opened it in ACR and it's very noisy. Transferred it from ACR to PS CS3 and the noise is still there. What's going on ? Why do ACR and PS CS3 show me noise where it didn't exist before. I never used noise filtering with PS7, so that doesn't come into play. I'm stumped.
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          Can you please post the JPEGs here?

          (If you don't have any other place to post, try sending the files to yourself using www.yousendit.com and posting the resulting link here.)
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            Here are four versions of the file. Two JPEGS as they came off the camera, and a PSD and a JPEG processed by PS7. I sede a nice white wall when opened directly in CS3, a noisy one in ACR and after transfer to CS3. The images look better (to me on my monitor at least) when I view them with PS7. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks !

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              Hmmm... now you see it, now you don't. This time I tried opening the files directly in CS3, opening as RAW from CS3, and opening as RAW from Bridge. This time I do not see the extensive color noise in the white wall right next to the portraits of our fearless leaders (a political statement perhaps ?) ;-)

              There was a reboot of my machine in between sessions. Otherwise, here's my basic config.

              Windows Vista 32 (Home Premium - don't laugh)
              HP Media Center m8200n
              HP w2207 monitor
              NVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430
              3 GB RAM
              AMD x64 Dual Core

              Not that any of the above means anything, but at least you won't have to ask. :-)