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    Getting ACR 4.3.1 to like Capture One?

      I prefer the way the way that the default settings of capture one handle skin tones, but there are so many feature of ACR 4.3.1 that I prefer that I generally prefer to use it. I have read that you can get similar results between camera raw and capture one by shooting a Macbeth Color checker, measuring the neutrals and the rgb values in capture one then matching those, as close as possible, in camera raw using the settings under camera profile. I can not find the article that went into the specifics but I think that it was for an earlier version of camera raw, so I was wondering if these are still the same steps that need to be followed in 4.3.1? Also, does this only need to be done once or do you have to do this for different lighting conditions? More to the point, if I photograph the color checker using studio lights, will the same settings still apply for a outdoor shot?