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    Raw Black and White (CR2 Cannon) process in color

      I'm shooting black and white in raw/cr2 mode, and when I process them through Bridge / CS2, etc., they always come up color, not b&w. The same occurs with Picasa and other raw processing packages. Any ideas how to keep them B&W, rather than converting to it after processing?

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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          Creating a black-and-white image requires processing in the camera, and in-camera processing is ignored by ACR and most other raw converters. Part of the reason it is ignored is because much of it is proprietary data that can only be read by the software provided by the camera manufacturer. The other reason is that ACR is designed to ignore in-camera processing and then provide you with more complete control over the results in ACR.

          If you want black-and-white images you will probably either have to use the software provided by Canon, shoot in JPEG mode, or create the black-and-white image in ACR or PS during postprocessing.
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            If I set my Canon 20D to take black and white pictures, then set for filter effects (yellow filter, orange filter, etc.) what happens in camera raw? Is there a simple method for conversion?
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              >what happens in camera raw?

              Nothing, your raw images are shot in color...you CAN use Camera Raw to do grayscale conversions...CR 4.x has a LOT of capability for doing that conversion-arguably much better than the in-camera conversion.
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                Well, the camera came with Zoom Browser, which like the name, only lets you browse. I'll just convert to b&w with the PS products. I thought I was going nuts, so thanks for the explanation!!
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                  ArrrBee Level 1
                  By its very nature RAW images are color because color is captured by the
                  sensor and raw is simply the raw data captured by the sensor. If you want
                  black and white from the camera then you would have to shoot JPG or TIFF if
                  your camera offers TIFF. Now the black and white marker should be included
                  in the RAW file so if your use the software that came with your camera then
                  it is very likely that software would see that marker indicating that you
                  had black and white turned on and simply convert the color RAW to black and
                  white and show you that. You might think that you are getting a black and
                  white RAW file but you aren't it is just the camera makers software seeing a
                  simple flag and then doing the black and white conversion. Since these flags
                  are generally proprietary Adobe doesn't read them.

                  In the end you are better off doing the conversion to black and white
                  yourself. There are many ways of doing it even in Adobe Camera RAW and you
                  will always get better results.