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      Hi, I have recently taken a number of RAW shots with my new Canon EOS 1D MKIII and have found that I am unable to import them into Photoshop Elements version 5 (using Microsoft Windows). Comments generated are: "the file is a format that cannot be included in the organiser" and "cannot open because it is the wrong type of file". The RAW file extension is .CR2 and I have been able to open these type of files taken on my older, and much cheaper, Canon 350D. I have spent hours considering different options but to no effect and am completely baffled. Do the two cameras produce different types of RAW files? Would the camera Firmware cause any problems? (latest 1.1.3 loaded on the 1D MKIII - 1.0.2.loaded on the 350D). Notably, the files do import into the Canon software 'Digital Photo Professional' but I want to undertake the more versatile manipulation in Photoshop Elements. I have managed to become even more baffled about Digital Negative ('DNG') files and wonder if there is some kind of converter I need. Would the solution be to purchase a more advanced Photoshop package like CS2? Any comments would be most gratefully received. With thanks, Steve
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          I do not use Elements 5 and am not familiar with the version of ACR that shipped with it. What is your ACR version?

          ACR readme files indicate EOS-1D Mark III requires version 4.1 and EOS-1Ds Mark III requires version 4.3.1. It looks like Elements 5 will support the latest version, 4.3.1.
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            As to the rest of your questions/comments...

            RAW file format differs by manufacturer and by camera model. DNG is Adobe's open-source RAW file format. I normally archive my RAW files to an external, normally off-line drive, and convert them to DNG for online storage and editing. Unlike JPEG, DNG supports lossless compression reducing online storage requirements.

            If you download a newer version of ACR, select "Adobe DNG Converter and Camera Raw 4.3.1 update" from the list. For Windows the URL is http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=106&platform=Windows
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              Hi Bob,

              Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

              Since posting the message I have studied this Forum and Adobe Site in detail. The version of ACR shipped with my Photoshop Elements 5 was 3.5. I have since attempted to download and use the recommended 4.3.1 and I'm delighted to say that it worked a treat! I shall now stick with Elements version 5 for a little longer before I hope to graduate to CS versions.

              Thanks again to you Bob - and also other key users of this forum who certainly confirmed the right approach - i.e. Jeff Schew and Ramon G Castaneda to name a few.

              Best wishes, Steve
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                Well ......... having solved the problem of importing the RAW files as explained above, I have now hit another problem!! In summary, I have updated the ACR to 4.3.1 in Photoshop Elements 5 and can successfully process the RAW images using RAW 4.3.1 interface. I can then subsequently open them in the 'Editor' and make final changes. But I now discover that I cannot then save the image as a JPEG. Worse still I cannot save any of my original JPEG images that I have worked as in Photoshop. I followed the download instructions to the letter. Is there any further advice please? Yours frustrated, Steve
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                  > Is there any further advice please?

                  Convert from 16 bit to 8 bit/channel...
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                    I am already using the 8 bit/channel and am presented with the option to save as JPEG. When I click 'ok' I get the message "could not complete your request because of a program error". Any further advice please? Regards, Steve
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                      Resolved. In view of the 'program error' comment I decided to uninstall and reinstall PSE5 and try adding ACR 4.3.1. again. Having gone through the whole process afresh I'm delighted to say that it now works fine and can only assume a PSE 5 file had become corrupted. I hope this information is of help to others who may experience similar problems.

                      My thanks again to all who responded with advice. Regards, Steve :-)