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    camera raw/white blance

      I am using windows and PS3.
      I am using a infrared converted Nikon D70, image capture must be done in raw only and must have its own white balance set by me.
      I understand that when going into camera raw from bridge camera raw will not understand the "custom"white balance then change the white balance to "Auto" automatically upon opening image.
      How can I continue using camera raw for these Infrared images
      I can not for the life of me find access for changing this automatic change.
      Any one know ??
      Thanks Phil
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          Thomas Knoll Level 2
          The issue with white balance and IR modified cameras is the when Camera Raw uses its built-in camera profile, which was designed for non-modified cameras, the white balance parameters fall outside the temperature/tint range supported by Camera Raw.

          The real solution here would be to use a custom camera profile designed for your IR modified cameras. This would bring the white balance parameters inside the supported temperature/tint range.

          Currently there is no easy way to do this (use a custom camera profile). If you are a computer programmer, you could convert the files to DNG, and then write a program to modify the embedded profile inside the DNG.

          Short of that, I don't have any good solutions for you at present.
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            Level 1
            oooh and me without a paddle !
            Thank you for the info.
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              Panoholic Level 2
              >the white balance parameters fall outside the temperature/tint range supported by Camera Raw

              Could not this be solved in two phases? First converting the raw image in TIFF with WB, which comes somewhat closer to the target, saving it, and in a second pass adjusting the WB again?
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                Bill_Janes Level 2
                Since you removed the IR filter, why don't you try puting an IR filter such as the B+W 486 UV-IR Cut Filter on your lens? It also cuts UV. It might bring color balance into something you could calibrate with ACR.
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                  Thomas -
                  Is there any plan to include better support for IR white balance in future versions of Camera Raw? I use Bridge/Photoshop for my processing, but have had to buy Capture One to process my RAW IR images as it handles the white balance appropriately.