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    Issues with ACR 4.3.1 and Loepard?

      I just did a clean install of Leopard last night and re installed all of my apps. I updated Leopard to 10.5.2 and made sure that I update ACR to 4.3.1. I am having an issue with a raw file from a Phase One P45 back. Normally when I open these files in ACR the default size is 39.3mp. Today when I opened up one of these raw files it's showing that it is 0.8mp. The checked the size of the file and it is 37.8mb's. I opened up another file and that one opened up as it should in ACR, 39.3mp. I tried opening up the same file on another one of my machines an it opened up fine. I have also had to for quit ACR three times and had it crash on me when trying to save some ACR settings. I tried trashing the preferences and repairing disc permissions and I am still having issues. Any ideas?