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    CS3 Camera Raw sometimes opens, mostly not

      I recently both upgraded my Mac operating system from 10.3 to 10.4.11 and installed the new CS3. Before the upgrade and installation all raw files shot with a Canon 5D opened fine in Bridge. Now, in a completely random order, only about 20% of the raw files that would previously open, open in either CS3 or CS2 (which is still installed.) For those that dont open I merely get an icon and the message that the file cannot be parsed when I try to open it. Interestingly these files, copied from this computer to another, open fine in the CS3 installed on another computer. They also open fine in Preview on this computer.

      When I look at any folder of raw files in Bridge, some will appear okay, others will show only an icon and cannot be opened.

      I have now totally deleted all the CS3 components using the uninstall component of the setup disk, and reinstalled CS3. The problem persists. Before I reinstalled CS3 I tried CS2 and it also only opens some but not all of the raw files.

      It would seem from this that perhaps files that were previously opened from their raw state cannot now be read or visa versa, though I cannot be sure which files were opened in the past. I have considered reinstalling the operating system, but it does seem to be a problem specific to Adobe.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.