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    Panasonic FZ50 raw files

      I have CS2 and just purchased a Panasonic FZ50! How do I open these raw files
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          The last version of ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) that was released for Photoshop CS2 is version 3.7. Support for your camera was added prior to that version, but I didn't take the time to find out exactly when it was added. You need to download and install ACR 3.7. There is a link to the download near the top of the forum page, and on the download page there are complete instructions on how to install the updated plug-in. The plug-in must be installed in the precise folder/path that is described in the instructions or it will not work. And it must replace the older version that is there.
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            Panasonic FZ50 raw files

            Thanks Jim,
            Have been unwell so haven't been at the comp, will give it a go as soon as I'm better.