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    Mac, Canon EOS 400D, CS2 artifacts issues / workflow

    rrogertbb Level 1
      Hi - I've been attempting to submit some shots to a photo library and keep getting refused because of artefacts - believe me this is not a moan - I agree with their strict quality requirements but would like to reduce the refusals. There are so many places where artifacts can be introduced from too high ISO settings 'in-camera' and it seems the slightest 'tweak' in ACR. I shoot in raw using the manual or Av setting, convert to dng, open in ACR and use the default settings (though are these default settings not introducing some problems eg brightness and contrast are punched up a bit, there's a little sharpening and color noise reduction and a small adjustment in 'curves' (I have ACR 3.6 listed in the Camera Profile panel) - at last to my questions - should I just accept what ACR is doing to the dng and is my workflow correct ? Many thanks for your time Roger