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    master file version

      I'm new to bridge/camera raw/ps and when i load my photos into bridge and then edit them in camera raw it edits the image like its supposed to. once i've changed the look of the photo, how do i recall a master version of the photo to make different changes. An example would be if I took photo "a" and made it have vibrant colors which turned a into b, then i wanted to make the original a into a b&w photo as well, how would i call up another copy of that original a photo?
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          JimHess-8IPblY Level 3
          One way to do this:

          1. Open the raw image in Camera Raw, reset everything.
          2. Make the modifications for the new image with the new look.
          3. Click on the Save button in the lower left-hand corner and save the changed image as a DNG file.
          4. Click on the Cancel button to cancel out of ACR.

          When you click on the Cancel button all of the changes that you made during that ACR editing session will be canceled, and the original image will remain in the state it was in before you made the changes. But you will still have the DNG file that you saved during the session that contain all the new changes.