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    ACR 4.3.1 Slow in general

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      Hello All.
      I'm testing CS3 for my company before we roll it out. So far, so good... almost.
      Working with ACR 4.3.1 and DNG files has proved to be PAINFULLY SLOW. Sliders take 3-5 seconds before they move (any slider) moving from various tabs takes the same amount of time. It has brought my productivity to a halt.

      Has anybody come across this situation and/or found a solution?

      I'm running CS3 with all the updates on a Dual 2.3 Ghz PPC G5 with 5 GB or ram. OS X 10.4.11. I access files on both AFP network volumes and local files. This problem is persistent in both cases, so please no comments about the network thing.
      I've tried deleting caches, preference files, you name it - even com.adobe.mediabrowser.plist.

      The DNG's i'm working with come from Canon 5D, 1D Mark II, and 1D Mark III's.

      Thanks for the help.