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    Colour Band in RAW display

      AMD ATHLON +5200 64 x 2 Processor
      2Gb Memory
      Radeon 1600 Graphics card
      Catylist Software Suite 8.2
      LG L1710B and EIZO GE210 Monitors
      XP Professional
      CS3 Extended 10.0.1
      Camera Raw 4.3.1
      Color Management active

      When Camera Raw screen displays in full screen mode on the CE210 monitor (21" wide screen), a vertical bar is visible (very slight) on the right hand edge of the picture frame - very slightly darker (or browner) than the image. When the image is switched to zoom mode, the colour band remains on the right side of the picture frame, but as the picture reduces in size, the band remains static in the frame area, visible against the grey background. This suggests it is a part of the display area, and not part of the image. If the complete desktop area is reduced in width, the band becomes narrower, and may move out of frame.

      Picture content needs to have plain colours - say sky or sea, of pale colour for the band to be visible.

      If the desktop is drawn over to the other monitor, the band will most likely remain, but by "jiggling" the image a few times left-right, it may cause the band to disappear. However, immediately the desktop is drawn over to the main monitor, the band reappears.

      If color management is disabled on the L1710B monitor, the band most often disappears.

      Images whether originating from my camera, or sourced on line produce the same result.

      When the image is displayed within Photoshop, this band does not appear - all is normal.

      I use other software to display and adjust raw files, and images are perfectly normal under this software.

      My current analysis is that the problem is Photoshop Camera Raw and/or Graphics controller, or interaction of these, quite possibly associated by the processing of the colour management information file(s)..... where do I go from here?

      I believe I have fully uninstalled all Catylist files prior to updating to new version. As I am currently learning Photoshop, I am unable to identify if this is a new / recent problem, or if it has occurred following any software / driver update.

      Any guidance will be appreciated.