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    CS3 misses .xmp files from PSE4

      I have used PS Elements 4 on Windows for a couple of years. Most of my photos are in RAW (from a Rebel XT). I have it set to save RAW adjustments in .xmp sidecar files. When I look in the directory with Windows Explorer, the sidecar files do, in fact, exist.

      I just bought & installed PS CS3. I intend to continue to use PSE4 organizer because I have a lot of collections, tags, etc. I have configured PSE4 to use PS CS3 as its external editor. CS3 is configured to use .xmp files.

      When I open a RAW file in CS3 via the PSE4 organizer, the file opens, but the adjustments are not used--it's as if I never adjusted the image.

      If I open the file from CS3 Bridge, or directly with PS CS3, it works right. If I adjust a file in CS3, then save it, and re-open it from PSE4 organizer, it works right.

      How do I get it to work right when I open a previously adjusted RAW file from PSE4 organizer?