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    Function 1/2 executing in Internet Explorer

      When this function is executed in Internet Explorer 6 (which is the browser that is used at my work) only the error half of the function works. Once the errors are resolved the rest of the function does not execute in Internet Explorer but in other browsers it works fine. Any help would be appreciated.

      private function handleRegReportCreateResult(event:ResultEvent) :
      void {
      var result:Object = event.result;
      if(result == "error") {
      Alert.show("Your information was not saved.", "Error");
      } else {
      var resultXML:XML = XML(result);
      if(resultXML.name().localName == "errors") {
      _serverErrors = new ServerErrors(resultXML);
      "Please correct the validation errors " +
      "highlighted on the form.",
      "Information Not Saved");
      } else {
      empty_comment.text = "";
      Alert.show("Create Successful",'',Alert.OK,this,alertCreateSuccessful);